Choose & Cut at Moffatt's Tree Farm

While we are a dog-loving farm, we ask that you please keep your dog on a leash for the safety of others. Thank you.

Come and visit us in Craftsbury to pick out your Christmas tree; we have over 8000 trees on our choose and cut property and we specialize in larger trees (8+ feet).  Many people and families have made it a holiday tradition to come to our farm, walk the land, and select their perfect tree.  Stay for five minutes or five hours…it’s up to you!  


  • 3-5’:  $25.00
  • 6-8’:  $30.00
  • 8-10’:  $35.00
  • 10+ feet:  $4.00/foot

Hours of operation:  We’re open from dawn to dusk starting the day after Thanksgiving; most people come between 10-4. You’re welcome to come tag a tree earlier in the season.  Call ahead if you’d like to use our ribbon to do so, or just show up with your own.  Please write your name on the ribbon and wrap it clearly around the tree several times. 

We're happy to bale your tree for travel if needed; if it's necessary that your tree be wrapped it's best to come on a weekend or between the hours of 10-4 so we're sure to be nearby.  We can also provide twine and our tips for you to load your tree securely on top of your vehicle.  

Which type of tree should I get?  Well, that depends on what you consider important in a Christmas tree.  Balsam and Fraser fir look quite similar; in fact, they are genetically related.  Fraser are considered 'southern balsam' and are more often grown and sold in southern Appalachia.  Balsam fir are more associated with northern climates.  The main differences are that balsam tend to be much more aromatic and fraser fir are known for their good needle retention. So, the choice is yours: nice smell or fewer needles!   

We are a dog-friendly farm (we have our own dog, Seamus) so please feel free to bring your pets with you.  However, please be considerate of your dog’s behavior and mindful of those who are not dog-lovers  We recommend that you keep your dog on a leash to prevent any unforeseen problems.  Thanks!

We also sell our own maple syrup and wreaths at our choose and cut shack.  Come early for best selection.

Call Jim (802)586-2270 or Steve and Sharon at (802) 586-6900 if you have any questions.